Saturday, August 8, 2009

It makes me sad my blog is going dead, just shows i need a computer class again

I Have the random urge to blog, but i have no clue about what so I'll go off of what i know.

I currently feel like a Meanie... and its not Entirely my fault, in fact it may just have very little to nothing to do with me but i still feel like a Evil Evil person =/

Wednesday Night was the best to date, My favorite thing to ever happen. Hehe... And i'd tell you but its a you'd had to have been there type thing

I need to Learn how to spell Wednesday correctly, Spell check is attributing to its correct spelling.

Country music is the Bomb Like Tick Tick! i love it! Go hide under a rock for your lack of musical taste country haters because guess what? Its just like your alternative music just a tiny bit different!

Lips Like Morphine! that song is Stuck in my head and its getting a tad annoying

Martina McBride annoys me, she has good songs i like her but idk she just annoys me, but i'm to lazy to change the channel and change it back when the song is over.

EDWARD CULLEN EDWARD CULLEN EDWARD CULLEN!! Guess what im thinking about? Edward Cullen? Eww! No! I'm thinking about Ice Cream! Rainbow Sherburt!... Lol
On that note Edward Should really go have a meeting with the vultroi and get them angered OR Ask jacob to kill him im sure he'd oblige

YAY! taylor swift you belong with me playing!

The kids in my neighbor hood annoy me.... they where making fun of me for Wednesday night.... :( i just stuck my hand in the air as if to say whatever and kept walking.....

Haha Smooth away comercial on! that crap doesnt work!

Has anyone seen parental controll? where the parents pick new people for their kids to date and they have to choose between the Boyfriend and the two people? anyone else like it? Anyone else think its scripted?

My blog WILL NOT DIE! i promise this much! It may be elusive and seam dead but right before your ready to pull the plug on all hopes of seeing a new post BAM! its alivve and kicking baby!

Ok now that i've posted a random blog its your time to read and comment!

Wow Talk about Nostalgia

I was looking threw my old posts and heres my 8th grade video that i made! I'm still very proud of it! :D.... i just wish ms. eiben (evil evil lady) had actually burned it to disk for me! i even paid for it! :( .... hey computer savy's is there anyway to pull it from here? I have the code if it helps.... Prob not.... but i re sized it HOPEFULLY making it easier to read the poems and words and stuff. Well Enjoy!

I cried! shhh don't tell anybody!.... jess... wow, Talk about best friend dropping best friend! grr! umm yeah ok watch enjoy And make fun

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Bit Tied Up

SO i started knitting again YAY! lol im doing a tad mor edifficult prodjects then Scarfs And pot holders... Im actually attempting to make clothing. :D should be fun.... and interesting.... =/ lol

im in jueanu for the summer with julie and when its not nice outside its still pretty cool. I miss my friends tho... hmmmm...


That was random....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuge Cakes

So theres this count down in the commons to when the seniors leave and it says 8 days.... i avoid looking at that poster at all costs! I have too many close friends being seniors and so its like NOOOOOOOOOOO..... its not like we wont keep in touch but with college and all im pretty sure we will loose touch with in the year or two years.... =/ The year went by way to dang fast...

I cant wait for the festivals this summer! Allways looking forward to them!

Im gonna be a sophmore..... weird.... Then ill go threw the whole senior cycle again! GAH!!! i think im gonna cry... lol

We had the last pep assembly like ten minutes ago and it was bad i cried coz the seniors left and the juniors had to move to the senior bleechers and it was horrible!!

so i found some icons i like kinda funny like
- I have inside jokes with myself that even I don't understand. Be afraid....
-I choose the road less traveled. Now, where the heck am I?
-Touching wires causes instant death... 200$ fine
Yeah theres more but they go on for EVER

Agack! im very upseted over this end of the year bussiness..... ill shut up about it now prob getting annoying

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cause you caught me off guard and now im running and screaming

Well well well what have we here? a very bored Ttyler? Yes i think it is! lol im at my mommys store right not with three price stickers on my forhead declaring that i can be bought for $99,999,999,999 lol im thinking about getting rid of them and putting $12 on my forehead just for fun... lol

So hows life of me? Eh Eh Eh is all i can really say... hmmmmmm..... Uhhhh im upseted again about seniors coz i found out they get off two weeks eairlier than us non seniors so its like What the cherry toostsie pop?!?! less time with my seniors!?!? NOO lol

And uhh testings coming up senors and jouniors dont even have to come to school for that either so less time there too!

Gah! I dont wanna say bye bye! :'(

Im drawing more than writing coz i lost my book and got upseted... im writing a play for next years terifying tales and its gonna be awsome! hehe the killer is someone SO UNEXPECTED that it will be like WHAT THE GRAPE TOOTSIE POP?!?! lol Its gonna be awsomenessnessness..... wooo!

Im gonna dye my hair black possibly over the color bangs again possibly not idk.

I just found out im actually kryptonian so im just waitng for my powers to kick in then im superman baby! lol that would be awsome.... untill that happens im still loking for that radio active spider... gosh they are so hard to find these days!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


lol im so exited! i missed my firends! and acting! the other classes? PSH they are ok....

Friday, March 6, 2009

My book.

So i promised id be writing a book, and ive had two failed attempts, but i just got the ball rolling quite well on a new unnamed book. ITs about an un named Mystery breed of demons who have been around since forever, Im absolutly in love with it so far, and its giving me a lot of trouble to write but it also gave me an idea for a prequel that ill write afterwords. the summary is like this

My name is Ameranta Alexandria Holis Delongprey the Third i was born blind and on my 16th birthday i died, three days later i started my new life with them, and more particularly Him, He was the first person i ever seen, and the first thing i ever wanted i didnt get, the charms of my once disability wearing off.

Wanna see an excerpt? Yes? No? GOOD!!! here we go
This is the part where shes explaining the history (VERY IMPORTANT) The present and what she became.

Our kind have been around since before time was as we know it. Back when the sun had not yet been born. We where a Nobel breed, No where near the the true original gods but not at the bottom of the chain. Of the lowers we where favored by the gods, but as wars raged between them so began wars with lowers. Nearly all lowers had been wiped out, and the last of the gods killed. It was the Higher beings that became the gods known in history books today. Clove had learned from the last of the old ones,who unfortunately had been murdered before he could pass anymore on to him. Leaving our kind even more shrouded in mystery.

Battles between the remaining lowers still rage around us today. The destruction caused blamed on natural occurrences and human nature. Worse yet are the filth that spring from this destruction, the demons who have been randomly generated over the millenniums. The half breeds the hellions the scum the sewer rats,So many who think they are better who know nothing of things that are important like the wars or the history or even the gods bloody past. But of all its the pure breeds who annoy me the most those who call US the half breeds, We turned to Humans for the very survival of our kind. Discust is all i feel for these other species.